• Cancer Therapy Services for Loved Ones and Caregivers

  • Cancer not only affects the individual stricken but everyone closest to them. Whether you are a spouse, adult child, family member, friend, or caregiver, a diagnosis of cancer systemically touches everyone closest to the cancer patient.

    Are you feeling guilty, sad or angry that your loved one is sick? Are you physically and mentally exhausted or feeling burdened?

    Acknowledging that you are struggling with your own array of feelings is important. Caring for your own needs is critical to your well-being and can give you the strength to continue on.

    As a caregiver, it’s so easy to become ‘burned out’ or overwhelmed. It’s important to remember you cannot effectively take care of another until you take care of your own needs. Cancer therapy can help you to center yourself. You will have the freedom to express difficult feelings that cannot be shared with your loved one and have a forum to express YOUR fears and concerns. We will travel through this process together.