• Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is therapy right for me?
    - Are you experiencing any of the following? If the answer is yes, therapy may be the right choice for you.
    • Anger
    • Fear
    • Stress
    • Uncertainty
    • Lack of control, helplessness
    • Depressed
    • Concerns and questions about treatment
    • Having trouble coping with self-image
    • Difficulty communicating with loved ones

    What benefits can I expect from working with a therapist?
    - There are a number of benefits you can experience from participating in therapy. There are
    many benefits you can receive when working with a therapist. Often it is helpful just to know that someone understands. Therapy can provide a fresh perspective on a difficult problem or guide you in the direction of a solution. The benefits you obtain from therapy depend on how well you use the process and put into practice what you learn. Some of the benefits available from therapy include:
    • Achieving a better understanding of yourself
    • Finding resolution to the issues or concerns that led you to seek therapy
    • Find new ways to cope with stress and anxiety
    • Managing anger, depression, and other emotional issues
    • Improving communications skills
    • Discovering new ways to solve problems
    • Improving your self-esteem and boosting self-confidence
    • Freedom to discuss things that you are reluctant to discuss with friends or family

    Can we talk before I come in?
    - I am happy to offer an initial telephone consultation at no cost prior to setting up an appointment. During the conversation we can discuss why you’re seeking therapy and whether therapy is the right choice (fit) for you. Please note this conversation is a brief informal consultation lasting 15 minutes or so. If you decide you would like to come in we can schedule an appointment.

    Is therapy confidential?
    - Therapists are bound by confidentiality, which means unless you are a danger to yourself or others, or have knowledge of abuse of a child, what is said in my office stays in my office.

    Does my insurance cover therapy?
    - Some insurances cover psychotherapy, but I do not accept insurance. However, if your insurance offers out of network coverage benefits, I will provide you with documentation needed for you to obtain reimbursement.

    Concerns about payment should not prevent you from seeking help. If you are concerned about cost, please contact me and I will work with you to develop a payment plan that is comfortable for you.

    I do accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

    Still have questions?
    - Please contact me with any questions, or if you would like to speak with me and schedule an appointment. You may email me at jodilcsw@gmail.com or you may call me at 516-330- 7905. If you receive my voice mail, I am either in session or away from my desk. Please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.