• Testimonials

  • Thank you very much for getting me through this difficult and challenging chapter in my life. I'm so happy that we connected. Your guidance and encouragement made all the difference. I'm in a much better place after having met you. God bless and thank you again.

    Maureen O.

  • “Finding Jodi was a blessing. Not even five months had passed since the death of my husband when the doctors told me I had breast cancer. I wanted to die, and nothing made sense, but Jodi always had the right words to ease my heart. She always worried about how I felt. I remember her words, YOU CAN DO IT. And yes, I could. Thank you Jodi, for your unconditional support and for helping me to start to live again”.

    Valeria G.

  • “In my saddest, darkest hour Jodi opened the windows and showed me the glimmer of light. I needed direction and a change of focus and during our sessions I was able to identify coping mechanisms and tools to get there. It’s a process! It’s worth it. Invest in yourself”.


  • “As a gay man finding a supportive and attentive therapist can be quite the feat. I was worried I would find someone who just yessed me to keep me happy. That is the opposite of what I found with Jodi. With "Jodi I found someone who is insightful, attentive and never judgmental. When I started working with Jodi my mental health was in a state of disarray. I was lost and unable to make sense of the compounding issues in my life. She will challenge you and have you examine what you say, so you can truly grow. Thanks to her help over the last 2 years I’ve been able to restructure my thinking and finally find clarity. Love not only now wins it prospers and grows every day since we started working on my mental health”.

    Ryan P.

  • "Jodi has been an integral part of helping me accept the cancer diagnosis of my husband, mom, and dad, cope with being put in the role of caretaker (not once but three times) and ultimately handle the grief that comes with the loss of loved ones. Each session is heartfelt and deep, sometimes dealing with issues you didn't realize you had. Jodi never forgets what I have said in the past and when difficult situations arise, reminds me of how far I have come using the strategies we have discussed and/or practiced. Jodi is truly an amazing therapist who is invested in my mental health journey."

    Sandra P.

  • “I have been seeing Jodi for over two years and it is no exaggeration to say that working with her has changed my life. With her guidance and expertise, I have become more confident, less anxious, and have walked through several big life changes with more ease than I ever thought possible. Jodi makes therapy warm and welcoming instead of uncomfortable and clinical. Her dedication to her patients is evident in each session and I really enjoy how much she allows me to lead my treatment. Furthermore, her direct and honest communication style has allowed me to challenge myself in my growth. I use the tools she has given me every day. I cannot recommend Jodi Ziselman's services enough”.

    Rachel C.